The two asteroids, 2020 GH2 and 2020 FX3, will intersect with our planet's orbit this week, the U.S.


National Aeronautics and Space Agency said. One of the asteroids has a width of 29 meters and the other 89 meters. 

Prof. Dr. "There is nothing to be curious about," Ibrahim Küçük said on April 29, regarding claims that the asteroid, 1998OR2, would hit Earth. The calculations showed that it was unlikely to hit Earth. It will only pass near, " he said. Now two different asteroids will intersect Earth's orbit.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Agency's (NASA) tracking system detected two asteroids this week that would pass from a position close to Earth. Two asteroids, 2020 GH2 and 2020 FX3, will intersect with our planet's orbit, according to NASA's Near-Earth objects Center (NEO). The two asteroids in question, which are included in the potentially dangerous class, will pass near Earth on April 15.

Two asteroids will pass near Earth:

The asteroid 2020 GH2 has a width of 29 meters. This asteroid will pose no threat to Earth due to its small size, according to NASA. Even if we assume the asteroid will fall to Earth, the object will burn through the atmosphere before it reaches our planet's surface.

The 2020 FX3 asteroid, however, has a fairly large diameter to burn up in the atmosphere. The object has an estimated width of 89 meters. This corresponds approximately to the length of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, USA. The object in question could destroy an area the size of a town if it fell to earth.

It can destroy an area the size of a town:

Celestial bodies in the Asteroid belt tend to cluster and are not found in some regions. The most notable asteroids are known as those that have left the main cluster. Some of these get very close to Earth. For example, Eros, which has a diameter of about 24.8 kilometers, passed the Earth in 1931 and 1975 from a distance of 24 million kilometers; Hermes, which has a diameter of 1.6 kilometers, approached the Earth in 1937 to 776 thousand kilometers.

The 2020 GH2 and 2020 FX3 asteroids appear to be fairly small as a result of comparisons. 1998OR2 has a diameter of approximately 1.8 kilometers. That equates to an area as large as Manhattan Island. The good news is that this giant object will travel 6.2 million kilometers from Earth.